Solna recognised as Rising Star for invoicing

We’re excited to announce that popular software review site, FinancesOnline, has awarded Solna with the 2018 Rising Star Award, for the Billing and Invoicing category.

This award recognises new software solutions that have recorded an increasing popularity in the market, and are already viewed as an efficient, reliable service. Through their unique algorithm, which collects and aggregates online data to from an overall user rating, Solna was given a user satisfaction rating of 98% (yay us!).

In their review of Solna’s invoicing tools, FinancesOnline said:

 “Not only does Solna aid you in keeping up with your accounts, it lets you mitigate risks and explore more opportunities for growth”.

Aside from being completely free to use, we were also endorsed for providing users with the tools to ensure optimal cash flow and risk management:

  1. Financial health insights
  2. Cash flow automation
  3. Companies House lookup

If that’s not exciting enough, we were also awarded the Great User Experience Award for 2018, primarily for the ease of use and providing “a pleasing experience.” This award is especially significant to us as we have worked incredibly hard to ensure that our platform places the user at it’s centre. Every aspect of our design and functionality is built to give users full clarity of their finances and the confidence in their numbers..

We are thrilled to have received this recognition, and will continue working to provide small businesses with the tools to tackle late payments, so they have more time to focus on what they love.

Head over to FinancesOnline to read the full review on Solna, and check out the 2018 list of invoicing software.

Solna is a smart invoicing tool that creates beautiful custom invoices, sends automated reminders, and even checks up on your customers’ credit scores. It’s free... Sign up now!

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