3 super smart tools to help you stay on top of your expenses

You’re short on time, but full of ideas. You want to stay organised, but it takes a huge amount of effort to keep your head above all that paperwork. This is the reality of being a freelancer or small business owner - you probably know it well!

Tracking and staying on top of your expenses doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming, or boring. All you need is the right tools with the right automation.

Here are three great tools to help you track and stay on top of your expenses with as little effort as possible.



In a nutshell: Paperless expenses that connect to your favourite apps.

Rydoo makes expense tracking a breeze. Instead of keeping stacks of receipts safe, snap pictures of them in real-time from the app. You can integrate your projects, mileage,and trips, categorise expenses and manage everything from one dashboard. It’s also free to trial for 14-days.

Rydoo integrates with Uber, Slack, Mastercard and other apps to make sure your expenses are logged automatically so you can stay on top of them with no fuss.



In a nutshell: Company spending that’s faster and easier than any business bank account.

Designed for smart small businesses, Pleo makes expense reports obsolete. Your staff get their own cards with an instant pre-set limit, receipts are automatically stored on the app, and you can see all spending in real-time on one centralised dashboard. There’s no waiting around or calling the bank, it’s all pretty much instant.

Pleo also syncs with any of the major accounting tools, so you don’t need to upload and import data.  It costs around £30 a month for most small businesses (there’s custom pricing for bigger teams), and you can get your teeth into it during the 30-day free trial. 



In a nutshell: Advanced expense report management made easy.

Expensify does it all - receipt scanning, next-day reimbursement, GPS mileage tracking, and tax tracking.

You can allocate costs to specific jobs, set up unlimited categories, and import your credit cards so that everything’s allocated under one account. It consolidates all your expenses and makes them much easier to manage.

Expensify even comes with your own virtual assistant - Concierge. Driven by AI, it reminds you to submit receipts, review reports, and automates stuff for you. Plans start from just £4 a month.


You’ve got the outgoings sorted, now it’s time to keep track of those incomings too. Solna automatically tracks who’s viewed your invoices and tracks your payments  until you get paid. Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. Get started with Solna now.


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