Where to work if you’re sick of working from home

Working from home has its benefits. You can choose your own environment, the temperature, wear whatever you want, and even do a quick load of laundry when there’s a spare moment.

The same room day after day can get a bit repetitive for some though. And if you have a sudden problem with your broadband, or someone comes over to do repairs, you’ll need to find somewhere else to work.

Here are some options for anyone feeling a bit sick of the same four walls.


Co-working spaces

As well as a desk, fast WiFi, and (usually) coffee on tap, co-working spaces can introduce you to a community of local freelancers and relevant events.

If you’re based in a major city, particularly London, you’ve got your pick of hundreds. Some specialise in specific industries, others offer a concierge service, and exclusive membership to fitness classes. Some spaces are fancier than others - and the monthly bill will match - so renting a space can be a big investment.

Pros: Membership often includes a lot - space to work, a community, other local benefits.

Cons: Usually based in cities, so could involve a bit of a commute if you live more rural. It’s often a pricey option too.


Your local artisan coffee place

Jazz on the speakers. The smell of robusta beans in the grinder. Sourdough toasties on the menu. Artisan coffee shops can be a really pleasant place to work if you need a caffeine hit and a relaxed environment.

They tend to be quite pricey, so they’re probably best for an hour here or there between meetings and not every day... Remember, like all public places, the WiFi is less secure. Maybe don’t check your business bank account until you get home.

Pros: Good coffee and lots of snacks. Nice change of scenery.

Cons: Bit of a social faux pas to order one coffee and sit working for 2 hours. Gets expensive if it becomes your regular haunt.



Some local libraries are more well-funded than others, so the working environment can vary massively. You might not get perfect peace and quiet at all hours of the day. Some libraries can get busy, and even a bit noisy, particularly when school finishes for the day.

According to 2014 stats, 51% of us have a library card. However, libraries are closing at a worrying rate, so don’t get too attached to your new work space. It might be gone in a year or two...

Pros: Free and accessible.

Cons: WiFi might not be as fast as other places because there are a lot of people using the network. Can be crowded at busy times.


A rented office space

A 1 or 2-person office gives you a space to make entirely your own. Privacy comes at a price though, and a rented office of your own can usually be pretty expensive.

If working at home ever becomes completely unworkable, and you’re not keen on hot desking or sharing a space, it’s an option worth considering.

Pros: Privacy. Make the space your own. Space to work and meet with clients.

Cons: Usually more expensive than a co-working space. Generally have to sign at least a 6-month contract.


Working from home suits some and not others. If you’re usually a home-bird but need a change of scenery, there are budget options, extravagant options, and quick and convenient options. The beauty of being a freelancer or business owner means it’s entirely up to you which you choose!



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