How to create the perfect workspace at home

Working from home can be a mixed bag. You don’t have to commute anywhere and you can purely focus on your work, but you might have relatives dropping in for a coffee “because you’re at home”...

There’s one thing you have complete control over though - your workspace. Whether you need a laptop and a wireless mouse, or a full design setup, here’s how to make sure you get things done and feel comfortable when you’re working at home.


Keep it as tidy as you need to

Plenty of famous minds (Roald Dahl, Einstein, Mark Twain) had messy desks covered in paper and paraphernalia. Some even claim it’s a “sign of genius”. A 2013 study found people with messy desks are more likely to be creative thinkers, while their tidier counterparts are (apparently) well-behaved conformists.

If you’re naturally tidy - great! If your mind feels messy and you’re struggling to find things, a bit of organisation can do you some good. But don’t feel like your genius credentials are in jeopardy, it’s about much more than a bit of mess...


Have easy access to creature comforts

Drawing a line between home and work is tricky when your home is your workplace. Some freelancers and business owners believe in keeping strict working hours, putting on proper clothes, and treating their home office just like any other office. Others get just as much work done in their pyjama bottoms.

Whichever school of thought you belong to, there will be times when you want something homely to help you through a tough day. Think hot water bottle, cushions, or a fancy coffee at 3pm - whatever keeps you going!


Keep something inspirational front and centre

Working towards a holiday, house deposit, or something fun and frivolous? Change your desktop image accordingly or pin some motivating photos up above your workspace.

Even if there’s no specific goal, it helps to have things around you that make you feel good. It could be anything - family photos, wallpaper samples, an old theatre ticket, or a thank you card. It doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else, as long as it makes sense to you.


Get lots of natural light

A lack of natural light can cause sleep problems, put a downer on your mood, and cut your supply of Vitamin D. One study from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology found daily exposure to natural light can boost productivity by 40%, compared to workplaces with artificial lighting

If you’re not working near a window with lots of sunlight, it’s a good idea to rearrange your desk and get some rays.


Spread out!

One of the things you rarely get in a shared office is freedom of movement. Your desk is given to you, your chair might not be quite to your liking, and you don’t get to choose who you sit next to…

This is your office and you can do what you want with it. Take up space, change things, move things around.


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