Do you still need a business card in 2019?

Have business cards become irrelevant? According to some clever business people quoted in Forbes, they’re “more meaningful and personal”. However, others haven’t ordered new business cards in years, preferring to click ‘follow’ instead of carry around bits of card.

Before you order a new batch out of habit, or start designing your very first set, here are 4 interesting business card alternatives to think about.


1. Connect on Twitter or LinkedIn

Our social media profiles often say much more than a business card ever could. Where we’re based, what we’re into, what we’re working on. Many of us carefully curate our online personas, which might sound a bit Black Mirror, but it’s perfect for making business connections.

Some think it’s impersonal, but it can be the best way to follow up a face-to-face meeting. Plus, you can make it as personal as you like with direct messages, comments, and likes.

How to do it well: A random Twitter follow can be a bit meaningless. If you meet someone you want to stay in touch with, let them know you’ll seek them out on social media. Your interest in their work is a positive start to the relationship, particularly if they return that interest.


2. Give out irresistible samples of your work

We all love a freebie. Seeing, smelling, and feeling something is a lot more impactful than reading about it. If your business involves creating and crafting things, potential customers and collaborators need to hold them in their hands.

Whether you work with wood, cotton, handmade toiletries, or food products, create small samples that your connections will want to hang onto, or even share with others. There’s no better way to show people what you can do.

How to do it well: Obviously this involves spending a bit more, so you need to hand them out carefully. Present and wrap it memorably, keep it pocket-sized, and make sure it shows off your product to its absolute best.


3. Create a video introduction

There are loads of things that make your business memorable and unique, but your conventional business card doesn’t always do them justice. Sure, it might demonstrate you’re a good designer and you have great taste in fonts, (which is great if you’re a designer by trade) but that’s about it…

Marketers all over the world agree that video is the way to get people more engaged and interested in buying. Make your first introduction as valuable as possible with a really clever, visual introduction to you and your business. You can show off the work you’ve done before and give them a good idea of your skills and training.

How to do it well: Keep it short and sweet - 30-60 seconds should be enough. Any more than a minute and your audience might start fast forwarding or just click away completely.


4. Make it as creative as possible

For some, business cards are always going to be a must, but that doesn’t mean you need to approach it like everybody else. It’s possible to steer clear of the conventional templates and logical layouts.

If you’re stuck for ideas, business card maker has an inspiration gallery. You can see how other freelancers and small business owners have put interesting spins on one of the most conventional business tools, making it entirely their own.

How to do it well: You can take your inspiration from anywhere. Make a note of ways different products and services make an impact on you, and borrow bits and pieces that will work well in your industry.



There’s no ‘right way’ to do business, and no reason why you need to bin off business cards completely. However, a lot of freelancers and small business owners are looking for alternative ways to do things, putting their creativity front and centre. If you’re one of them, these 4 ideas are a good place to get started.


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