10 tweets that show what life as a freelancer is really about

Working for yourself can attract quite a lot of unsolicited comments and questions. People usually mean well, but their ignorance can show when they’ve only ever experienced the traditional 9-5.

Only freelancers and small business owners really know what it’s like to go solo and take that big, liberating risk. There’s always some sacrifice and frustration involved, but loads of upsides too. These tweeters understand. 


1- When the client thinks they’ve briefed you, but they really haven’t...



Penetrating a difficult brief is a unique experience. How can there be such a gulf between what the client means and what they’ve written down? Vague words and phrases like ‘make it pop’ always require a few extra questions, otherwise you risk giving them the opposite of what they think they asked for.


2- When your hand is hovering over the espresso machine. Again.



Everyone has their vices. For freelancers, it’s usually caffeine. When you’ve got deadlines to hit, a bit of artificial energy can really do the trick. Whatever your brew of choice - good old-fashioned instant, an Italian espresso, or a perfectly frothed latte made by someone else - try and stop before you get the jitters. 


3- When you’ve been in your home office bubble for a while.



We all get a bit of cabin fever now and again. If you ever need a reminder that working from home is a privilege, we’ve got just the thing. Thrust yourself into rush hour traffic or commuter time at a train station. You’ll soon remember why you don’t have a ‘normal job’ anymore...


4- When you know the client has seen your invoice.



“I haven’t got that, could you send it again?” Sure...

Psst! Solna has read receipts, so you’ll know who’s read your invoice and who’s yet to get to that part of their inbox.


5- When you fancy a change of scenery.



You don’t have to do your best work sitting at the same desk. As long as there’s an internet connection, you can work anywhere. Coffee shop, airport lounge, poolside deck chair...


6- When you go from twiddling your thumbs one week, to calculating how much sleep you can realistically miss out on the next.



Depending on the kind of business you’re in, ‘feast and famine’ is fairly common. A lot of freelancers spend their busy periods longing for a rest, and then find they’re pacing up and down when work is a bit scarce.


7- When you’re so sick of chasing invoices you’re willing to create fake people to do it for you! 



Twitter is full of freelancers swapping tricks and techniques for getting late invoices paid. There’s no single method that works every time, but automatic reminders can definitely help.

Solna sends payment reminders to your late clients with very little effort from you. You just decide on the frequency and write the message, the rest is automated.


8- When you know you’ve done a good job.



A job well done always feels great. If you’re used to no feedback or just a quick ‘thank you’, getting a proper response from a happy client can be all the encouragement you need.


9- When your only colleague has fur, a collar, and a very loud bark.



Got a furry friend wandering around your house while you work? They’re usually a nice distraction, but they can make that important conference call a tense experience. Cats are generally pretty quiet (apart from the odd demanding meow), but dogs don’t always shut up when you need them to. It might be time for some extra training...


10- When you couldn’t care less about a dress code.



Proper clothes can be the first thing to go when you start working for yourself. If you’re productive in your PJs - go for it! If you still prefer to get dressed in the morning, it’s great to know even the ugliest jumper and oddest socks will do just fine.


There are 2 million freelancers in the UK, and the numbers are only getting higher. When you can choose your own work/life balance and set up your desk anywhere, who can blame you? If invoicing admin is getting you down though, Solna can help.


Solna is the smart invoicing tool every freelancer needs. You can find out more about your clients before you start working with them, send automated reminders, and get paid faster.

Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. Get started now.



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