7 automation tools that can make your business easier to run

Automation technology is a massive help for freelancers and small business owners. It doesn’t have to be impersonal or detached (leave those worries at the door!), it’s a really reliable way to make sure the important routine jobs are taken care of.

Here’s our pick of the best automation tools for social media, accounting, marketing, and more.


1. Hootsuite

In a word… Time-saver

What is it? Hootsuite schedules your social media posts, then tells you how well they do in front of your audience. Post content automatically to all your channels, then track engagement, new follows, comments, and interactions.


Who’s going to love it? Anyone short on time with lots of social media ideas.

How much? Manage up to 3 social profiles for free! Paid versions cost £25 - £99 a month.



2. Mailchimp

In a word… Intelligent

What is it? A simple drag-and-drop tool for sending emails that look great and do the job. Mailchimp is a cheap, clever tool that helps you make the most of your subscribers. If you’re not advertising to customers in their inbox, now’s the time to start.


Who’s going to love it? Small businesses with no designer on the team.

How much? It’s free to send up to 12,000 emails to up to 2,000 subscribers. The paid accounts depend on how many subscribers you’ve got and how many emails you want to send.


3. Quickbooks

In a word… Reliable

What is it? An online accounting tool that’s got you covered. Quickbooks calculates profit and loss, helps you sort out your tax return easily, and track your expenses accurately. If it involves cash, Quickbooks can make it quicker and easier.


Who’s going to love it? Anyone getting started in business, as well as small businesses that have been at it for a while.

How much? £8 - £27 a month. Try it free for 30 days.


4. Shoeboxed

In a word… Resourceful

What is it? An expense tracker that extracts all the essential data from your receipts. Take a photo of the receipt and Shoeboxed will store everything you need. It’s all organised and digitised, so if you need to find out how much you spent on train tickets in February, you can!


Who’s going to love it? Freelancers and small business owners that are out and about a lot.

How much? $29, $69, or $99 a month.


5.  Monday

In a word… Organised

What is it? A simple and efficient task management tool for you and your team. Add tasks, assign them to yourself or someone else, and make sure everything stays on track. You can view it all as a structured timeline, in a list, or on a calendar.


Who’s going to love it? Small business owners wanting to keep their inbox clear.

How much? £22 - £101 a month for up to 5 users.


6.  Planday

In a word… Structured

What is it? Manage everything to do with your staff - when they work, when they can’t, their daily tasks, timesheets, and payroll. It’s super accurate and keeps learning every time you add staff schedules and data.


Who’s going to love it? Small business owners working with a team that keeps getting bigger.

How much? £2 - £4 per user per month.


7. Solna

In a word… Speedy

What is it? A smart invoicing tool designed to speed up invoice payments. Solna helps you create stylish, branded invoices easily, chase them automatically, and see exactly who's received and read your emails.


Who’s going to love it? Anyone who relies on invoicing to get paid!

How much? It’s totally free .


Solna helps you get paid faster. Get rid of the stress of chasing invoices with automated reminders and read receipts.

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