How to make sure January 2020 is busy and profitable

Christmas and New Year can be a weird time for self-employed people and small business owners. Some industries keep going whatever the date, while others grind to a half for a week or two.

Whatever your December routine, this is how to make sure you get back to work on a positive note in January 2020.

End 2019 with a to-do list for 2020

One great way to hit the ground running in the new year is to know exactly what your biggest priorities are.
When you leave your desk on the last working day of 2019, (whether it’s Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve!) make sure you have a clear list of big things to do in 2020. They don’t have to be your first priority when you get back to work, but they’ll help to guide your decision making and general productivity.

Reflect on what you didn’t get right in 2019

Made a bad hire? Wasted your time on admin? Overpaying the wrong supplier? Whatever bad decisions you made in 2019, move on and make them right.
List your mistakes (painful, we know, but it’s worth it) and come up with one or two solutions for each. It could be as simple as subscribing to an automation tool, delegating, or dropping it altogether. If it’s a bit more complicated and time-consuming, like moving your bills to new tariffs, put time aside in your 2020 calendar now so you’ll give it the attention it needs.


Review your business plan

Whether you made your business plan years ago, or just 12 months ago, it’s time to re-read and reflect. It’s likely you’ve moved away from the original plan slightly, and some of it might even be obsolete now.

Go through it and decide which elements need to change, which haven’t been fulfilled yet, and which are your next big priority. It’s a great way to refocus your energy and remember why you started your business in the first place.

Give yourself time rest over Christmas and New Year

We’ve all heard ‘a change is as good as a rest’, but sometimes a rest is as good as a change. 20% of small business owners didn’t take any time off for Christmas at all in 2017 - don’t be one of them!

Whether you’re taking advantage of the full Christmas period, or just taking a few days off, focus on recharging and enjoying things you usually don’t find the time to do.


Do what you can do right now

If there are some jobs or problems hanging over you now, it might be worth sorting them out before you take some time off over Christmas, so you can really enjoy a break.

Choose a few annoying little jobs that you keep putting off and get them ticked off instead. Some of them are probably very trivial and will take no time at all. If they turn out to be a bigger job than you can manage right now, put some time aside in January instead, with a commitment to clearing it from your list quickly.

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