This year’s most in-demand freelance skills and how to get them

Successful freelancers make the most of their tradable skills. As our world becomes increasingly more digital, and clients’ priorities change, your skills need to develop along with them. In 2020, freelancers need to keep up with data science, the most in-demand forms of marketing, and the Internet of Things. This is how to learn those new skills and get ready to market them to your clients.

Data science and analysis

More and more industries are building their products and services on and around data. The kind of data crunching and calculating skills companies need are usually not available in-house, so they look to specialists and their algorithms to process informative data and turn it into something useful. How to learn it:
  • Learn Data Science on Udemy. This bestselling online course is affordable, and teaches Mathematics, Statistics, Python, Advanced Statistics in Python, Machine & Deep Learning.
  • Data Camp. ‘Bitesize’ lessons in data you can pick up anywhere. Includes courses in Python, R, SQL, and more.

Podcast recording and production

Even though it seems like everyone already has a podcast, there are still plenty of businesses keen to start recording and producing. They care about quality too. Just like video production, many companies don’t have the know-how, time, or resources to get down to business on their own. Freelancers that are savvy with audio, editing, and content could generate a lot of business by making it easier for companies to start conversations and promote themselves on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. How to learn it:

Internet of things (IoT)

IoT is a phrase that’s been floating around a lot for the past couple of years. It basically refers to connecting devices like our phones and smart speakers easily to the internet, so they can speed up and simplify everyday processes. This now applies to all kinds of household objects and appliances like fridges, thermostats, and security cameras. This is a key skill for developers to be aware of, because it will affect what they build and how it connects to the internet. Your current and future clients should know that you’re IoT literate. How to learn it:

And some old favourites that are always in demand…

Freelancers don’t need to pack up all their old skills to stay ahead, they just need to keep them fresh. Web design and development Mobile and web development is still essential for lots of businesses. Many are also putting budget into Artificial Intelligence, user experience, software testing, encryption, and databases. Copywriting Content writers and copywriters are used to branching out. Whether you’re a generalist or a specialist, the most in-demand copywriting skills are set to be long form guides, email sales funnels, and Software as a Service copy. Translation If your language skills need brushing up, this is the time. At the time of writing, People Per Hour’s most popular translation jobs include Hindi, Arabic, and many European languages. Consultancy The Business Talent Group’s Skills Index is buzzing about top skills like project management, market analysis, and growth strategy. Whatever your skills, get paid 3x faster with Solna However you’re going to develop your freelance business in 2020, Solna can help you get those invoices paid faster.  Waiting around for clients to pay up is no joke. With Solna’s automatic reminders, easy ‘Pay Now’ buttons, and stylish, branded invoices, getting paid is a doddle.

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