10 social media accounts every freelancer needs to follow now!

Twitter and Instagram aren’t purely tools for procrastination. For freelancers, they can serve up chunks of inspiration, insight, and helpful advice. Whether you’re a graphic designer, copywriter, or front-end developer, these social media accounts are a must-follow.


1- Clients From Hell 


Sometimes the only way to give yourself a laugh on those bad days is to share the load. Clients From Hell shares other freelancers’ anonymous stories of the most demanding, irrational, and bizarre client requests. Follow immediately if you’ve ever been told to “make the colours pop more”.



2- Quietroom 


This account is a collection of thoughts and insights by a group of “writers, trainers and strategists”. Quietroom gets deep into the detail of marketing language, so it’s particularly helpful for copywriters, branding experts, and lovers of nuance.



3- Hey Studio


This Barcelona-based graphic design studio runs one of the most beautifully technicolour Instagram accounts you’ve probably ever seen. They share their work, their iconic branding, and the occasional shot of their beautiful office.



4- Work Hard Anywhere


The definition of #deskgoals. This account won’t provide a shed load of practical advice, but it does demonstrate the beauty of freelancing - you can work absolutely anywhere. See how your fellow self employed workers do their thing in coffee shops, at the airport, or even just at home.



5- Jon Winokur


Exactly what it says in the @. Jon posts helpful quotes from famous writers throughout the day. Every copywriting brief requires a new approach and bags of creativity (even if it seems pretty basic), and a Mark Twain or Maya Angelou quote might be exactly what you need to keep going.



6- UX/UI Wireframes


The drawing board is an essential place to start for UX and UI designers. Full of prototypes and rough designs, this Insta serves as a reminder that every great idea starts with a sketch.



7- Typographica


A Twitter account by font geeks for font geeks. Typography is a small but important genre of graphic design, and something many designers fall in love with during their career. If you see a piece of typography you love, make sure you share it with them.



8- CSS-Tricks


An essential community to join for CSS developers. Their content includes the latest front-end news, and anything that might make developers’ lives easier in the next few weeks or months.



9- Creative Lady Collective


Run by freelance graphic designer Jess Levitz, this Instagram account offers “inspiration, advice, & encouragement” for women freelancing in creative industries. You’ll meet influential women from all over the world and get some colourful bursts of inspiration.



10- Anyone who’s ahead of you in your field

Social media is a brilliant way to fuel your nosiness. Whatever your niche, there’ll be someone on Twitter or Instagram who’s been doing it longer, has bigger clients, or has a lot of great advice to give.

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