What’s new in Solna- December 2018!

As you all get ready to spend time and share presents with your family and friends this Xmas 🎅🏼, we wanted to give you some 🎁 of our own.

That’s right we’ve been listening to your feature requests and the community has spoken! This is what’s in the new release.

1- Default payment terms & notes

You will no longer need to re-enter your payment terms/notes every time you send an invoice. Solna will automatically remember your last entry, meaning you can invoice your customers even faster! 

How to add default payments & notes:

You don’t need to do anything special. Solna will simply remember your last entry the next time you invoice your a customer...it’s as simple as that! 


Default payment terms & notes


2- Logo resizer

Some of you had issues aligning your logo on invoice templates, so we’ve added the ability for you to easily crop your images and logos. This means you’ll be able to have even better looking invoices!

How to resize your logos:

1. Click on the Settings icon (top left-hand corner)
2. Navigate to Profile → Company and click on the edit button
3. Click on Edit Photo and resize your logo as you see fit


Logo resizer


3- Import tool (beta)

For folks who upload lots of invoices at a time, we’ve created an import tool that will enable you to import 1000s of invoices in one go! It’s great if you do all of your accounts on a given day and don’t want to spend time entering each invoice individually. 

Simply, enter in your invoices in the pre-designed template and upload them in one go! You can also use the tool to import customer lists and products.

How to use the Import tool:

1. Click on the Settings icon (top left-hand corner)
2. Navigate to Profile → Import and select the entity you wish to import.
3. Download the pre-defined template and follow the onscreen instructions

 Import tool


Okay, that’s nice but what’s in store next year? 🤔

We’ve got a couple of really cool features in store for early next year and one of them is a potential late payments game changer!

  • Multi-Currency | For those of you who need to invoice customers in other countries

  • Integrations with challenger banks | Think Revolution, Starling Bank, Monzo...

  • Late Payment Feature X  | What could this be? 😱


That’s all for now, folks.

Enjoy the break and rest up to take 2019 by storm!

Thank You! ⭐

Solna team

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