Why your clients might be frustrated with you and what to do about it

Client services is all about managing people. You could be the world’s most talented developer or graphic designer, but if you struggle to manage your clients, you might encounter some big problems.

Happy clients pay invoices faster, make referrals, and don’t come to you with complaints or problems to solve. If your clients currently have a few frustrations, it could affect your relationship over time. Here are some common client issues and how to fix them. 


You’re not realistic with deadlines

Deadlines are a fact of life for freelancers and small business owners. Thankfully, you can often set them yourself. Remember though, a simple “I’ll send it on Tuesday!” email locks you into a contract with that client.

Moving deadlines around might be fine once of twice, but clients start to lose trust if it happens again and again.

What you can do about it: If you think you’ll need some extra time, or you’ve got a busy week coming up, do yourself a favour and add a couple of days onto the deadline you give yourself. If you get it done early, they’ll be even more pleased.


You don’t make enough time for pleasantries

Everyone does business differently. Some like to keep it brief and businesslike, others pick up the phone and have a natter. If you’re the former, you might be neglecting to give your emails the necessary personal touch. People like working with people they get on with.

What you can do about it: Remember to include pleases, thank yous, and ‘hope you had a good weekend’. It can go a long way.


You’re not communicative enough

Keeping clients in the loop saves them from having to ask questions, and lets them know you’re on the ball. Regular communication keeps you on their mind in a really positive way, and it doesn’t need to take up too much of your time either.

What you can do about it: Check in regularly. It can be a brief update on a big project you’re working on for them, or just acknowledgement you’ve received their invoice payment. 


You’re too busy for them!

It’s great to be have a full schedule, but you might have to turn some clients away if you’re already booked up. They might be a bit miffed, especially if they have to spend time looking for someone else, but they could be flexible if they still really want to work with you.

What you can do about it: Not much! Apologise, let them know when you’re free, and the rest is up to them.


You’re a bit forgetful

We’ve all done it. You receive a request on Friday at 5pm, skim it, log off, and completely forget about it. A quick apology will probably be fine, but if you’re persistently forgetful you could be missing out on new work and ticking off valuable clients.

What you can do about it: Set reminders on your phone, leave yourself post-its, or use some software to keep you on track, like Evernote or Asana. Whatever’s going to work for you.


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