5 best mobile apps for business owners and freelancers

Your phone goes everywhere with you. You’re probably reading this on it right now. As well as your constant companion, it can also be a huge distraction or a massive time-saver, depending on how you use it.

These 5 apps are some of the best around for organising your time, making the most of working hours, and ticking off your to-do. They’re all free (or fairly cheap) too!


1. MyMinutes

What is it? A time-management app to keep your work and personal time in check.

Who’s going to love it? Anyone who needs a bit of a hand with self-discipline.

Just because you’re a super savvy business person doesn’t mean you’re a natural at time management. We can all plan our week a bit better with some guidance, and this app does just that with achievable goals and motivational colour-coding.

Set a goal (e.g. spend 1 hour max on emails) and the app will tell you when your time’s up. You can repeat tasks as often as you need to, and see clearly when you’ve achieved your goal, and when you might have let things slide.


2. Shoeboxed

What is it? The easiest way to save and store receipts and expenses.

Who’s going to love it? People who just keep adding to their pile of receipts.

Anyone working for themselves knows the pain of sorting through a pile of receipts. You promise yourself you’ll keep them organised, but soon you’ve got a whole 6 months of coffees and petrol station fill-ups to go through.
With Shoeboxed, you can record them digitally in a few seconds. Take a photo of a receipt with the app, and the date and amount will be imported automatically. Plus you can connect automatically to your Gmail and create expense reports with no effort whatsoever.


3. TextExpander

What is it? Text templates you’ll actually use.

Who’s going to love it? Slow typers and messaging addicts.

If you work with lots of other freelancers, or find yourself fielding questions from clients every hour of the day, your thumbs are probably tired of typing. TextExpander automatically suggests words and sentences while you’re writing emails and messages, and saves custom messages you find yourself using a lot.

It’s amazing how much time you can save when “I hope you’re well” is turned into one button.


4. TeuxDeux

What is it?  A super simple to-do list.

Who’s going to love it?  People who love to-do lists AND people who hate to-do lists.

Great to look at, simply designed, and completely fit for purpose, TeuxDeux is the best to-do list you’ve never used. According to the designers themselves, it’s “bare bones” and designed to be as straightforward as a paper to-do list. Unlike a paper to-do list however, you can access it anywhere using your phone. 


5.  Headspace

What is it?  Easy meditation you can do in 5 or 10 minutes.

Who’s going to love it?  Everyone who has a busy mind i.e. all of us.

Headspace isn’t designed for freelancers or business owners specifically, but some quiet mindfulness is something we could all do with.

The app has hundreds of short meditation sessions designed to help with stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. If you struggle to switch off, or find yourself slipping into negative thought patterns, this is the app to download. You can try 10 sessions for free before you decide to pay for a subscription.

Whatever your problem, there’s usually an app (best of all, a free app) to solve it. These 5 are brilliant for shaving time off things you don’t like doing, jogging your memory, and giving you the space to switch off.


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