6 unusual places freelancers can set up their ‘office’

Freelancers can work anywhere. When was the last time you took advantage of that?

Even if you have a great at-home office set up it can be good to get a change of scenery. A different view, ambience, or rang of stimuli can be just what you need to change a bad mood or improve your productivity.

Here are 6 ideas for places you could work.

University libraries

Current students and alumni can work from their university library anytime. Many are open late - or even 24/7 - and have a range of quiet workspaces, desks with plug sockets, and bookable study rooms. It doesn't matter whether you're an undergraduate, postgraduate, or doing a part-time CPD course in the evenings - the library is yours to use.

If you're not registered on a university course but still live near your old university, apply for your alumni card and start taking advantange of this free, purpose-built space.

Hotel bars and lounges

You don't have to be a guest. Hotel bars and lounges are open to the public and many are comfortable and relaxing places to work. Hotels designed for business travellers are a safe bet for accessible plug sockets and the freedom to work without being bothered. Plus, they're open 24/7.

A foreign country

When we say you can work anywhere, we mean anywhere. Countries like Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Cyprus, and many Caribbean islands offer freelance visas, giving you the ability to live and work in the country, usually for up to a year. Your new desk could overlook a beach and be shaded by a palm tree...

You'll often need to prove a certain amount of monthly income to be eligible. Check the specific requirements of your chosen country before you apply.

Spas, gyms, and health clubs

Many gyms and health clubs are multi-use spaces, with a coffee shop, restaurant, or juice bar for members. If you pay a monthly membership fee, make the most of it. You could work for an hour, work out for an hour, sit in the steam room, and then work over a healthy lunch. Sounds like a pretty great work day.

Co-work with friends

Got some freelance mates? Arrange a weekly or monthly co-work at your house, someone else's, or a coffee shop or restaurant. If you choose a quiet weekday, you might be able to reserve a whole section for yourselves. This is a great way to work in company, connect with your fellow freelancers, and beat the home working blues.

Flexi co-working spaces

Co-working spaces don't always demand a minimum contract or a big monthly fee. You can get flexible memberships, access to hot desks, and maintain the freedom to move around to different spaces and find one you like. The capital is full of spaces like this, but there's plenty of choice in the UK's other major towns and cities too. Find one near you and ask about flexible memberships.

You've found somewhere great to work. Time to make invoicing a doddle too.

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